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  My work investigates objects from nature, which are intriguing because of their beauty, function, form, and design; I am mesmerized by their grace and sensuousness. I approach this work from a variety of viewpoints searching for the structure, pattern, design, organic abstraction and subliminal eroticism within each object. By presenting an intimate perspective, I intend for the viewer to rediscover these familiar objects.

The vivid wide spectrum of colors inherent in the Ink Jet Print conveys a sensual and lush contemporary feeling. The rich brown of the Selenium toned silver print offers a sense of mystery. Likewise, the romantic quality of the Vandyke process heightens the effect of nostalgia. The deep blues of the Cyanotype process emphasizes the quirkiness of some of these organic specimens. Each one of these objects acts as evidence of a power beyond mankind. I want the viewer to cherish them and find them imbued with the same rarefied honor as I do. I want these images to transcend objective documentation, celebrate life and reference the majestic importance of nature.
  Represented by The George Billis Gallery: